Time Please – A nationwide volunteering program

Filipinos are known for Bayanihan, a custom where individual cooperates, unites and work to achieve a particular goal. This custom started long time ago where everyone in the community gathers together to move a house to a different location. But this community spirit somewhat gone now as environment had changed.
Good thing, Globe Telecom, country’s leading telecommunications and The Walt Disney Company, Philippines re-established and reaffirmed this custom by launching the Nationwide Volunteering Program called “Time Please”. This program encourages every Filipinos in companies, organizations, employees, families and friends to participate in existing volunteer programs or create their own volunteer activities.

This volunteer program can be accessed through the portal All you need to do is to sign up for an account for free, register your name, your details, Globe mobile number and the members of your group who are willing to participate and capable to do the volun…

Why I Want to Become Sample Room’s next Beauty Insider?

Before, I am impulsive –  buying products in big sizes even if I have not used it for a long time or worst, not even tried it at all. As a result, these products are kept in my drawers, not touching or using them and some even reached the expiration date that I needed to throw them away - a waste of money.

Then I came to the realization that I need to try products first before buying full sizes. So I joined Sample Room on October 2016 and I must say it has a great impact in my buying experience. This is also what I want to impart to all roommates and first timers in Sample Room.

Also, I want to be part of Sample Room’s Circle of Beauty to influence roommates to give honest reviews that will help brands to improve their products and to give those who want to try them the first time an idea what products to use. I also want to influence roommates to become confident regardless of their color, shape and size. To explore beauty within themselves and be proud of what they have. 
Aside from…

#SummerHairdration with Creamsilk’s Fresh Hydration Conditioner

Dry. Frizzy. Rough. These are my hair problems especially after work (I always walk going to Glorietta), as I am too much exposed to the sun. Because of this, I am always in search for conditioner that will keep my hair hydrated and free from dryness and frizziness.

Then Creamsilk introduces their Limited Edition Fresh Hydration Conditioner. Luckily, my mom scores samples from Sample Room and gave them to me and my sister, thanks Ma!

First thing that I noticed is its packaging, its blue! - my favorite color yey! Packaging looks refreshing and relaxing, perfect for summer. Next thing I noticed when I opened the tube is its smell. It really smells good, candy like smell but not irritating to the nose. Aside from this, the conditioner is in gel texture just like other Creamsilk conditioners where you will feel that the conditioner is penetrating from roots to tips. And the best thing I like in using this conditioner is that after bath, I do not have this greasy feel. My hair feels light,…

Me and my LO are in love with Belo

Playful. Cheerful. Curious. Active. This is how I described my 3 year old son. He is into playing and learning new things. He is always roam around, play with our dogs and cat and go outside to play with our kid neighbors. 
And because of this, I have to find a way to protect my son from all the dirt and bacteria from playing and touching things around. Good thing I scored some Belo Baby product samples from SampleRoom. Here are the samples I’ve got and what I can say about them.

The Belo Baby Cool Drizzle cologne is one of the first Belo products I have got from SampleRoom. Cool Drizzle cologne is light, gentle and free from parabens. It does not smell alcohol and does not sting.  I wonder why this is the my son’s first favorite cologne. After every bath, cleaning or even going out, this is what he wants to wear. He always reminding me to put this cologne on him and get upset whenever I forget to do so :D Truly this Belo Baby Cool Drizzle cologne is a must have for every little one.

Why I want to be a #BlogOPPOlis Creator Scholar?

Before I am just reading blogs, social media post and Youtube videos to learn about Parenting, Beauty, Fashion styles and anything I want to learn. I never thought that I would write and share my experiences. First because I am not that excellent  in writing. Yes, I know I have grammar lapses sometimes and afraid to be critized about that. Second,  I think I cannot write blogs regularly because I am too busy at work, I cannot commit myself to writing. Lastly, I do not know what to write, what will be the topic, the niche, I have no idea.

But one time, at work, I am bored and nothing to do. I saw my officemate seating next to me doing something. I asked her what she is doing – said she is updating her blog in Tumbler. Oh wow! I exclaimed. She is blogger and working too. She told me to try writing and posting it in a blog.

So I started to build my site, read about blogging for beginners, ask my officemate about blogging, read blogs of known people and think of my niche. I thought it’s j…

My rewarding experiences using Sodexo Gift Certificates

As employees, we look forward to receive rewards from the job we are performing - may it be in cash, stuff or gift certificates. We are delighted to see how our efforts are given importance and value.
I used to work in BPO and I can say that there is a  lot of rewards given to employees. One of those is when you are go to work early and render over time. I myself experienced receiving reward for rendering over time. I am working that time in Shore Solutions for Mercury Retail as Procurement Specialist. I have rendered 2 hours of work and I am so delighted to receive 200 pesos worth of Sodexo Gift Certificates Premium Pass for this :)  I do not mind working beyond my working hours especially if I need to finish something so really it is a surprise for em to receive this reward. Same day I received the Sodexo gift certificates, I went to Waltermart Makati and used it to pay for my  groceries. I was able to save my 200 pesos cash as I paid my groceries using the Sodexo gift certificates.


Happy 1st year Kapamilya VIP!

I have purchased abs-cbn mobile sim last June 2017 so I can have my son join Bet On Your Baby. During that time, audition for regular contestants is not yet open. I have decided to join my toddler in Bet On Your Baby Baby Club so he can play in Baby Dome. Aside from that, registering in KVIP gives us access to watch the studio taping for Bet On Your Baby, cool right?

Aside from this, there are other perks in store to all Kapamilyas. From having access to watch your favorite shows,  you can also take photos with your favorite stars, attend Movie Premier nights, Fans Day and even taping or set visit.

To register, simply follow steps below:
1.Text KVIP<space>REG<space>NAME/ADDRESS
2.Send to 2131
3.Text KVIP<space>LIST send to 2131 to know the Kapamilya shows and events

Note: You must have at least P10 load (prepaid) or have an active account (postpaid) to join.

Wait there's more! Since Kapamilya VIP is on its #1YearNaTayo, more exciting surprises awaits Kapamilyas l…