My rewarding experiences using Sodexo Gift Certificates

As employees, we look forward to receive rewards from the job we are performing - may it be in cash, stuff or gift certificates. We are delighted to see how our efforts are given importance and value.
I used to work in BPO and I can say that there is a  lot of rewards given to employees. One of those is when you are go to work early and render over time. I myself experienced receiving reward for rendering over time. I am working that time in Shore Solutions for Mercury Retail as Procurement Specialist. I have rendered 2 hours of work and I am so delighted to receive 200 pesos worth of Sodexo Gift Certificates Premium Pass for this :)  I do not mind working beyond my working hours especially if I need to finish something so really it is a surprise for em to receive this reward. Same day I received the Sodexo gift certificates, I went to Waltermart Makati and used it to pay for my  groceries. I was able to save my 200 pesos cash as I paid my groceries using the Sodexo gift certificates.

Happy 1st year Kapamilya VIP!

I have purchased abs-cbn mobile sim last June 2017 so I can have my son join Bet On Your Baby. During that time, audition for regular contestants is not yet open. I have decided to join my toddler in Bet On Your Baby Baby Club so he can play in Baby Dome. Aside from that, registering in KVIP gives us access to watch the studio taping for Bet On Your Baby, cool right?

Aside from this, there are other perks in store to all Kapamilyas. From having access to watch your favorite shows,  you can also take photos with your favorite stars, attend Movie Premier nights, Fans Day and even taping or set visit.

To register, simply follow steps below:
1.Text KVIP<space>REG<space>NAME/ADDRESS
2.Send to 2131
3.Text KVIP<space>LIST send to 2131 to know the Kapamilya shows and events

Note: You must have at least P10 load (prepaid) or have an active account (postpaid) to join.

Wait there's more! Since Kapamilya VIP is on its #1YearNaTayo, more exciting surprises awaits Kapamilyas l…

Make brushing more fun with Minions!

I do not have a good set of teeth. I have sungki [crooked teeth - two front teeth that are somewhat slightly pushed backward in the middle]. This sometimes makes me feel shy as others might notice my crooked teeth. Despite of this, I am making sure that my teeth are healthy. And as a new mom, I want to entail this to my son - to have clean and healthy teeth and have a self confidence that once I lost because of my crooked teeth.

It's a good thing that my little boy is not difficult to please when it comes to brushing. When I say, "let's go brush your teeth" he will then reply "toothbrush!" and point to his toothbrush and toothpaste. Aside from that, I know that he is looking forward to the fun activity we do during brushing hehe!

To make it more fun, I do join my son in brushing. He mimics what I am doing - brushing up, down, side, left, right, front and back. My son is not just learning the habit of brushing but also learning on how to properly brush the t…

Baby Feel with Cetaphil!

As a mom, I want the best for my little one, especially for skin care. Since baby's skin is sensitive, I always make sure to use skin care products that are gentle yet effective in cleansing. Skin Care products that I can depend on in caring my little one's delicate skin. This is why I trust Cetaphil. 

The Ultra Moisturizing Bath and Wash is formulated with Aloe Vera, Almond Oil and 1/3 lotion that gently cleans my little boy's skin without drying. It is tear free and soap free as well as hypoallergenic and pH balanced. 

Unlike adults, baby's hair is more delicate and need more care. This is why my little boy is using the Cetaphil Baby Shampoo. It has a tear and soap free formulation perfect for baby's delicate crowning glory. It also has natural chamomile that helps soothe baby's scalp yet gentle, leaving hair radiant and glossy. So shampooing is fun for my toddler, no sting in his eyes!

Another is the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. It is a powerful gentle wa…

5 Simple tips on how to take care your Smartphone's Battery

In the modern world today, our smartphone has become what one might call a needed accessory. We take it with us to the office, and to school, on a vacations – whether in town or out of the country. It’s one of the niftiest gadgets you can get your hands on, able to take photos, play games, check social media sites or read and write on our blogs. But to ensure you can do all this, you need to make sure you take good care of the Lithium-Ion Battery that’s been encased in said phone.
Be sure to follow these 5 simple tips on how to best take care of your battery. Let’s start!

1)Don't overcharge. 
Many of us have a habit of plugging in the device at night before bedtime and leaving it to charge overnight. This is one the worst ways to care for your phone! Rechargeable batteries should only take 6 hours or less before it becomes fully charged and overcharging can reduce the capacity of the batteries by making it last for a die faster even when fully charged. So maybe set an alarm to wake…

Fish n' Chips at Cargo Fish

It’s been a few months since UpTown Mall down in BGC has opened, yet the most premier and unique stores are still cropping up all around the complex even as we speak. The latest to open has been a pop up shop called CargoFish, and considering we work right in the tower right next to it, I think it’s safe to say that we honestly had to give it a try!

Last Friday, after work, me and my office mates went to CargoFish to try their fish and chips that everyone is talking about.

Since the restaurant offers a mix and match of fish, sides and sauce, you can customize your order based on your preference.

Step 1: Choose your Beer-battered Fish
Step 2: Choose 2 Sides
Step 3: Choose 1 Sauce
For additional sauce, you can have it at just Php 25.

They also have cones for Onion Rings (Php 85), Proper Chips (Php 80), Sweet Potato Chips (Php 75) and Fish & Chips (Php 99).

I ordered the Dory with Onion Rings and Slaw Salad as my sides and Tartar as the sauce. Then the order came in and to my surpris…

Little tot's summer fun with the fam!

Last Maundy Thursday, my sister and I planned a mini swimming pool party for the kids - bonding time for my little tot, my sister's son and my brother's daughter. It is rare to happen so we make sure that kids will enjoy it.

We setup the family pool we bought last year in our grassy backyard, blew it up, get the hose on and start filling it with water. Kids are really excited seeing the pool gradually filling with water. It is really hot so dipping in the pool would help ease the heat.

Partly filled, my little boy excitedly told me that he wants to swim. So I put his rash guard and shorts on and take my son to the pool. To make it more exciting, I threw all the swimming balls I've bought in Baby Company in the pool haha! Unknowingly, my tot splashed water to my face - playful little boy! haha! 😃

When my 5-year old niece learned that his cousin is in the pool, she took off her clothes (she's already wearing her swimwear lol) and dive in to the pool. Then my little boy …